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The key is to become different. Stand out. Earn a lot of money, learn a language, meet new people, broaden your mind and take photos in places others only dream about.
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The program won’t affect your studies, as it takes place during summer holidays. University administration office usually meets students halfway and allows them to pass exams ahead-of-schedule. We collaborate with many leading universities in the country.  
You will need to claim a J-1 visa in the United States for the summer. The visa period is up to 5 months during which you have the right to officially work in the USA, travel, sell, purchase and cross the border multiple times. We will process your visa application and all necessary documents as well as prepare you for the interview in the US Embassy.
While still in Russia you choose your job and employer according to your climate, geographic and other preferences. And of course, according to your language level. Visa is obtained on the grounds of a signed mutual contract.
Job offers
Most of the job offers are in services sector. (hostess in a hotel, pool lifeguard, waiter in a restaurant or a café, consultant, security guard, shop assistant, cashier, amusement park staff, etc.). Most of the job offers involve maximum English practice. Isn’t that what you want?
The salary in the United States are rather high compared to Russian students’ salaries– about $1,500 - $2,500 a month, work schedule can vary depending on the job, but usually it’s a 5 days-a-week 8 hours-a-day work schedule. If you need a day off – you can take it and work it off another time. If you want to earn more you can always apply for a second job or work overtime.
It is very easy to learn English in the United States, as when Americans speak, they subconsciously duplicate their conversation by gesticulation to make their speech as understandable as possible. Americans are so welcoming and friendly that they always help to adjust to new students to the extreme that they will constantly enquire about how well you settled in.
In most cases the employer provides accommodation. American dormitory for students is of the same level of service as Russian 3-4 stars hotels.  Payment for dormitory is kept back from the salary 2 times a month, which is very convenient as you don’t need to pay ahead. You can also rent an apartment or a house with your friends. About one third of participants choose this option. Average accommodation cost is $250 - $350 a month, average salary is $1 500 — $2 500 a month.  
If students work in a hotel, restaurant or a café, they can have meals there for free or for a small notional charge. In most cases students cook and buy products by themselves, as there are refrigerators, ovens and microwaves in the dormitories.  Average food cost is $150 - $200, average salary is $1 500 — $2 500 a month.
Find yourself at the wheel of the biggest adventure of this summer!
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