RAFL (Russian as a foreign language)

RAFL stands for Russian as a foreign language. The methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language (RAFL) is totally different from teaching Russian to native speakers.
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RAFL (Russian as a foreign language) worldwide
Russian as a foreign language (RAFL) is a modern promising area. At the moment a teacher of Russian as a foreign language (RAFL teacher) can find a job nearly all over the world. Popularity of Russian language grows every year. More and more foreigners living in Russia as well as abroad want to learn Russian and speak it correctly. International center of Russian as a foreign language gives an opportunity to learn how to teach Russian as a foreign language in any country.
Methodology of learning Russian as a foreign language
Foreigners have all these questions because they don’t understand the structure and logic behind Russian language. And Russians cannot answer those questions because they don’t fully realize the rules how their mother tongue function. That is why it is highly important to use RAFL methodology that allows native speakers to see the language as a foreigner and trains how to explain it to foreigners. During the lessons of Russian with teachers knowledgeable about RAFL methodology, foreigners can see how fruitful every lesson can be in terms of learning Russian. Things that didn’t make sense before will fit into a clear logic system of Russian language.
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